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       There is a video on Youtube that was uploaded by an anti-Israeli individual showing a street preacher getting completely trash-talked. Apart from how the Anti-Israeli propaganda floating about is rather asinine (the video provider’s description including the soundbite that goes “Israel did 9/11” is a case in point as to the stupidity of anti-Israeli propaganda), the video uploaded shows just how far people will go in America to make themselves feel good about their own hypocritical bigotry. Let us dissect the rants piece by piece. I primarily discuss the beginning parts of the video up until closer to halfway through. That is about all I can stand before I lose my nerves out of annoyed frustration.

       A word before we begin: I alternate between the third and second person on purpose. In either case, I am likely referring to the person in the video making the rants, unless otherwise specified either explicitly or implicitly. Keep that in mind as you read this article.

       “How free am I? I’d be a lot freer if guys like you were thrown in prison...”

       That was in response to the question, “How free are you?” Note that the street evangelist did not specify what he meant by “free”. Free from what? I guess he could have done a better job of noting what one is supposed to be free from. Knowing militant atheists, however, they likely would not care how you word anything, so long as they express their vehement hatred. All the preacher did was ask a simple question while holding a non-threatening sign and this antitheist just started to go off the handle for no good reason. If you thought it could not get any worse, prepare to be disappointed (and disgusted). Anybody with children nearby would be advised to have them play somewhere where they will not be exposed too early to the comments that they are not capable of reading or hearing without being scarred and frightened for life.

       “As retaliation… for the collective crime… of racism, antisemitism, misogyny, and homophobia!!”

       Did you see what he just did? Notice all the labels he placed on one person and, by implication, all Christians? Hmm… As near as I can tell, America is individualistic, not collectivist. Were he living in a society where more emphasis was placed on the group’s needs than the individual’s and where your identity was placed much more on your family, land, and societal categories, his rant would probably be a bit more effective. Well, maybe.

       Do not get me wrong: I do not deny that there have been Christians in one or more of the categories the anti-theist has mentioned. What seems to fly over his head, though, is that all the above were brought to their knees by a certain demographic he hates. Hmm… What could be the unifying thing of all these people that once helped to bring these bigots to heel in America and much of the rest of the West? Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, Susan B. Anthony, Billy Graham, William Wilberforce, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Niemoller… Oh, that’s right! They were all Christians! Go figure! In other words, any collective guilt from any sort of racism, antisemitism, and misogyny would have been made up for by Christian activism and deeds that helped to reverse and contain such bigotry, for the most part.

       And, in case nobody noticed, we Christians have already rendered the Westboro Baptist Church into a mockery and gotten onto any “homophobes” who crossed the line. What happened in response to that one preacher after the Orlando shooting is a case in point. So, no, you cannot automatically blame all Christians for the actions of some jerks, not without looking stupid in the process.

       “All you ******* [inaudible]… are war criminals, and liars, and charlatans!! Atheism forever!!!”

       Uh, right. And, he knows this, how? Has he ever heard of the Quakers, by any chance? No, I do not mean the brand of oatmeal. I am referring to the Religious Society of Friends. If he has paid attention in history, he might recall that it was a Quaker (namely, William Penn) who got the charter for the founding of Pennsylvania. As far as liars and charlatans go, you can find those anywhere. I guess he is too cognitively dissonant and hypocritical himself to even take that into consideration. You know what is ironic about all this? If we were to impose collective guilt on atheism for the communist regimes that killed far more in decades than any collection of medieval Inquisitions ever could, he would hide behind the notion that atheism “didn’t do nothin’”! And yet, it is perfectly for him to impose collective guilt on us? Newsflash: inconsistency makes you look like an ignoramus.

       If you watch the video, you will notice he employs very militant (and immature) gestures while shouting. Hmm… who does that remind you of that once led Germany? No, I am not saying that politician implicitly in question was an atheist. And, notice he cannot even make up his own mind as to whether he wants to walk away or stay and rant some more. Does he ever make up his mind? If he were not so annoying and obnoxious, I would have laughed.

       In response to the rather calm preacher’s rhetorical question of whether he was doing a thespian tryout, the anti-theist replied this way: “No!! This is real!! I am throwing back everything you dirty [inaudible] could ever throw back at us!!”

       Hmm… Ever heard of the Golden Rule, buddy? While we are on that throwing back everything bit, that sounds an awful lot like what supporters of Trump were doing in response to all the political correctness that made civil dialogue between competing political philosophies next to impossible. Is he next going to say that only atheists and the far left are allowed to do that? Oh, how does that quote by Gandhi go, again? Uh… oh, yes! “An eye for an eye leaves the world blind.” This guy needs to wake up, because this back-and-forth retaliation will only make things worse in the long run, as the 2016 election clearly demonstrated. Ironically enough, that is part of what got the Democratic South into the mess it was in with the Republican North once Lincoln was assassinated. Some Democrats never learn, do they? And, you wonder why the authors of the Bible tried to minimize the effects of personal retaliation, to begin with?

       “Hitler was a Christian!!!”

       No, he was not. Shouting that he was does not make him so. What evidence do you have?

       “He killed Jews because his ******* … because his [inaudible] god told him to!!!”

       Which god? Zeus? Thor? Odin? Which one? You are only begging the question, here. If you look closely through the whole Bible, there is no command to kill the Jews anywhere. So, sorry, but where are you getting this from besides your emotions? Notice he is flailing his arms around as he shouts? What does that remind you of? A bratty kindergartner, maybe?

       “Hitler was a practicing Catholic!!”

       Maybe so, once upon a time. And, when would that be? Was it throughout his life, or was it simply before his rise to power? People who try to pinpoint blame on Christianity by pulling the Hitler canard forget to take into account the fact politicians often say what people want to hear in order to gain the power that comes with an elected office.  Since he is so adamant in claiming Hitler was a Christian (and, specifically, Catholic), the burden is on him to prove it. So far, nothing.

       “****, I even found on the internet a picture of a Nazi swastika! It was made by the Nazis, and it had a cross on it! It said, “God is with us, we Germans!”

       Oh, yes… because the internet can never direct you to a site full of misinformation, right?

       You know who else has a cross as their symbol? I will give you a hint: there is a scandal involving them and their poster boy named Tom Cruise. Yep! You guessed it! Scientology! Not to mention, Scandinavia, which is heavily secularistic, has countries which each apply a cross to its national flag. Crosses are not the strict intellectual property of Christians, anyway. The Satanists’ employment of Saint Peter’s Cross is a case in point.

       As for the whole “God is with us” slogan, he does realize the term “God” is a rather generic title, right? Even then, it could be invested with new meaning. He can whine about that all he likes.

       Here is the challenge: If Hitler was such a Christian, then quote him on the all-important Atonement, the ever-crucial Trinity, and the all-defining Christology that defines Christianity. Who, to him, is Jesus? Since, he seems to be so willfully ignorant that he will just dismiss everything we say about the truth on Nazi beliefs, it is quite evident that he is lacking enough in principle to ignore this challenge I just gave to anyone that reads this who may try to make Hitler out to be a Christian.

       “You know what?… Atheism is apolitical! Stalin was an atheist, but you know who else was an atheist? Ayn Rand!”

       Oh, boy! The same lady who espoused and gave rationalizations for selfishness! Oh, goody! Joyce Meyer and Creflo Dollar approve! You could not have at least gone with Kurt Vonnegut to make your point? And, heck! Why not just use Fred Rogers or Charles Schultz as our witty comeback against the mention of the Salem witch trials and say that Christianity is apolitical? Oh, but that would mean he would have to acknowledge that Christianity has done some good in the world! What a crying shame!

       “Atheism has got nothing to do with politics, but only about the facts!!!”

       Heh! Yeah, right! I will let that arrogant self-assessment, after so many soundbites he made in slightly over a minute, speak for itself.

       “And the fact is, you look up in the sky, and you know what you see? Sky, clouds, and the sun!”

       Yeah, and? Everybody knows that. Thank you for insulting our intelligence. The more pressing question would be, “Where did nature come from?” Unless I am mistaken, that is part of what the preacher’s sign was imploring you to ponder on, all along.

       Skipping ahead, he goes on a temper tantrum about how God is less real than Mickey Mouse, as well as something about marijuana. Once he got to the whole Mickey Mouse bit, I stopped watching, then I decided to test my limits by watching more, which included him talking about him being from the south and how Christianity is to blame for what historically happened down there, and how no Christian (supposedly) is ever rational. As it turns out, he has heard of Quakers, and simply decided to ignore their pacifistic nature to make his "war criminals" bit sound more juicy. Talk about dishonest!

       Once he started repeatedly shouting accusations beginning with, “You people,” I stopped the video and shouted a curse word while demanding he such his trap. His continual tantrum and rationalizations of his behavior towards the perfectly calm man got on my last nerves.

       Looking at the clips without watching the whole movie, it turns out the police surrounded him as he continued to disturb the peace. Serves him right! Of course, he probably said he is being persecuted in order to shirk from personal responsibility. That, ironically enough, is what some “skeptics” accuse evangelicals of doing. The apple does not fall far from the tree, does it?

Sources (for things that are not common knowledge)………
James Patrick Holding, Scripture and Slavery (there is both an E-Book and Youtube series version of this):……
This is an article I decided to make as a demonstration to show that when it comes to logic, the kinds of atheists that are absolutely spiteful towards Christians often lack any degree of intelligence, critical thinking, or even principle. As far as what you read of what the one in the video said, it is nothing I have not dealt with before online.
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AngelKite Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017
Both sides have people who lack logic hahaha.

While Hitler was probably not strictly Christian, he did still believe in the existence of God and some of his religious upbringing was infused into his way of thinking  (you can see it in Mein Kampf). He also did believe in Jesus (also in Mein Kampf). I'd say that does make him a Christian, albeit a screwed up and twisted version of one. He was against atheism and free thinking, according to the speeches he gave. 

By the way, is it wrong to say moderate Christians cherry pick from the Bible? /: I mean, there are some really unpleasant things in there. On what basis do moderates choose what passages to believe and what to disregard? Aren't the fundamentals following the word of god more closely? I ask that for all religions with holy scripture. ><
ZacharyTC Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
1. Unfortunately, it is true that everyone has some illogical folks. That is why I take most of what the Vigilant Christian (that's what he calls himself on youtube) says with a grain of salt. The most logical channel of the "skeptical" type I have seen is the Armoured Skeptic. I only found out about him because he was referred to by James Patrick Holding (channels of his dubbed tektontv and tektonslam) as a refutation of the myth that says the term "fundamentalist atheist" was somehow invented by Christians as a derogatory one. I can give you a link, if you want.

2. Yeah, there is a term for somebody whom adheres to a "screwed up and twisted version of" Christianity: a heretic. There is a reason you do not take claims at face value under any circumstances, and also why the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" is considered nothing more than a cult. Using a claim to justify itself is a logical fallacy called, "circular reasoning". No amount of shouting "no true Scotsman" off the top of your lungs will change that fact. I am still waiting for somebody to come along with quotes of Hitler's regarding Christology, the Atonement, the Trinity, the Resurrection, fulfillment of the Prophets, and important stuff like that. So far, nobody has met the challenge, and none ever will, it seems.

3. I have a frequently asked question!  Shouting that somebody is "cherry picking" all because something is not taken literally, nor through a (post)modern western lens, is like saying there is no such thing as a translation, transliteration, metaphor, simile, proverb, poem, or separate culture. As with any literature, context is everything. Not only do you need to look at the text and its surrounding verses, but also examine the history, culture, literary genre, ancient linguistics that went into the writing, archaeology, sociology, sciences, and plain common sense. It is a science called "hermeneutics."
I really need to set up an FAQ in my profile so that people who have frequently-asked questions like this will have the answer before they even ask. Here are some books to get you started:

Strong's Concordance
Jeff A. Benner's The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible
JP Holding's Shattering the Christ Myth (in case you adhere to the copycat thesis or any wacky idea like that)
NT Wright's The New Testament and the People of God
FF Bruce's Israel & the Nations
Warren C. Trenchard's Complete Vocabulary Guide to the Greek New Testament
Daniel B Wallace's Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics
Jay P. Green, Sr.'s The Interlinear Bible
Victor H. Matthews and Don C. Benjamin's Social World of Ancient Israel 1250-587 BCE
JP Holding's Scripture and Slavery (which I already gave as a source in the deviation)
John H. Walton's Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament
E. Randolph Richard and Brandon J. O'Brien's Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes
JP Holding's The Atonement Contextualized
David deSilva's Honor, Patronage, Kinship & Purity
Penguin Classics' Early Christian Writings
Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible (NIV)

And, these are just several of many that will shed some light on the subject. Once you have read them all, let me know and I will refer you to more.
AngelKite Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017
You have a very myopic focus. Why not address the bigger issues about faith instead of trying to find out what Hitler said about "Christology, the Atonement, the Trinity, the Resurrection, fulfillment of the Prophets". He wasn't a preacher; why would he even have said anything about those? o.O You might consider him a heretic but... who are you to say someone isn't Christian? 

By the way, "The Atheist Experience" has a great channel on Youtube discussing pretty much everything you've written about so far. The host was a fundamentalist Christian for 25 years and was studying to become a preacher when they lost his faith, so he really knows his stuff.

You're using a really condescending tone, by the way. "
Once you have read them all, let me know and I will refer you to more."? Have you read the same number of books refuting Christianity?

I keep hearing the same "but you didn't read it in context" babble from so many apologists... Isn't God eternal and flawless? Why would something he said or did in the past not be taken as good/right in modern times?
ZacharyTC Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
You have a very myopic focus Quite the ironic statement, coming from you.

1. What I mentioned are the bigger issues.  He wasn't a preacher; why would he even have said anything about those? To prove that he actually was a Christian.
who are you to say someone isn't Christian? :faq: Somebody whom does not rely on the circular reasoning fallacy.…

2. By the way, "The Atheist Experience" has a great channel on Youtube discussing pretty much everything you've written about so far. The host was a fundamentalist Christian for 25 years and was studying to become a preacher when they lost his faith, so he really knows his stuff. Big mistake, admitting he was a fundamentalist. It actually hurts him more than it could ever help him. Try an actual scholar, next time.

3. I am always condescending to people whom cannot be bothered with looking into the context of anything but a cereal box. Have you read the same number of books refuting Christianity? If you find something by a Bible Scholar and not some biologist who should have stayed within his own field, you let me know. Your favorable words in reference to "The Atheist Experience" indicate that it is highly unlikely, however.

4. I keep hearing the same "but you didn't read it in context" babble from so many apologists With good reason. If somebody were to use Catcher in the Rye as justification for killing one of the Beatles, -true story!- wouldn't the author have every right to give the context for whatever page the person used as justification as a way of saying, "You got it all wrong, buddy"? In this case,

Isn't God eternal and flawless? So, what? You are essentially asking him to hold your hand and give everything to you while you lounge around all day, eating chips. Think of the culture, languages, etcetera, as the foam which keep the contents in the box (in this case, the Bible) intact as it is delivered.

Why would something he said or did in the past not be taken as good/right in modern times?  Because, cultures and their views change? You didn't know?
AngelKite Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017
Eh... so god's words and actions were made up by the people in that earlier culture and with those outdated views? Otherwise, why does it matter what the people in that time thought?

He was studying to be a minister, so he did go through some formal bible studies. Maybe you could try calling in some day. o:
ZacharyTC Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
1. Chronological snobbery. If you can't handle the fact God revealed himself within the context of that era and are thus unwilling to try to better understand that culture, it's not my problem. Besides, Japan still operates in a similar fashion to the Ancient Near East. I recommend a book called The Japanese Mind to read alongside the books I listed which discuss Ancient Near Eastern culture.

2. Yeah, he does not sound like he'd be worth my time, unless I wanted to humiliate him by asking whether he has a college degree in related fields. Like, say, a PhD in Biblical Studies, Archaeology, or something like those two from a credentialed college like Yale, Cambridge, Dallas Theological Seminary, or Talbot? Get #rekt 
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